Canon are Working on a new Camera design!

Canon are Working on a new Camera design!

Some interesting buzz cxoming from camp Canon this week seems to suggest thet the manufacturer is working on a camera design that is unlike any camera design that has been seen before.

Details are vague but reports suggest that the camera will come in two sizes, an EF or EF-S unit, and an EF-M unit. It will likely feature a removable grip and will have two scroll wheels liek a PRO DSLR.

Currently it sounde like this wil most likely look like the canon XC15, and so perhaps if Canon really are working on something it will be another video camera.

To be honest I don’t hold much hope in this one coming true. I think what we are most likely hearing about is a new ‘XC’ video camera that is currently undergoing testing. Although that is quite exciting, it is certainly nothing new.

Via: CR.

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