UPDATE: DJI Mavic Pro 2 This March?

UPDATE: DJI Mavic Pro 2 This March?

Hot on the heels of the Mavic Air it looks like DJI are readying yet another release. The Mavic Pro 2 will be the top of the range model in their range of tiny folding drones. We don’t have many details yet but the following specs are doing the rounds currently:


  • 1″ CMOS sensor with 28mm lens
  • 4820 mAh battery with 35 minute flight time
  • binocular rear sensors

Interestingly it is speculated that the Mavic Pro 2 may be slightly larger than it’s predecessor but that has yet to be confirmed. We expact an announcement this March.


The Mavic Pro 2 is rumored to cost $1,299 and will feature increased flight time! The Mavic Pro could stay aloft for 30 mins so expect 35 to 40 from the Pro II

Via: CR.