Is This the DJI Phantom 5?

Is This the DJI Phantom 5?

Mixed reports on this one folks, with some saying these pictures show the camera module from the DJI Phantom 5, a machine which will be replacing the Phantom 4 in the not too distant future. DJI themselves however say that this is custom machine, and therefore does not represent a future retail machine. Whatever it is rumor has it that the Pahantom 5 may get 6k video…. Just think about that, in a world where just having 4K sets you apart from the competition. The maths add up as you need 19.4MP for 6k and the Phantom 5 is rumored to squeeze in a new 20MP sensor. Anywho, I’d take this with a pinch of salt but you never know!

Via: TNC.

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