Nikon Pulling KeyMission Products from US Stores!

Nikon Pulling KeyMission Products from US Stores!

Oh dear oh dear, the sad story of Nikon’s attempt to break into the action camera market continues. The life cycle of the KeyMission cameras, released early last year to a resounding ‘so what’ from the action camera market place, may be coming to an end.

We have received reports that Nikon is now buying back stock of both cameras and accessories from US suppliers and can only assume that this is because sales are so bad, that it simply isn’t worth letting stock turn to dust in store back rooms.

Nikon will likely arrange a flash sale to at least squeeze some value out of the products before time renders them completely worthless.

Better luck next time Nikon.

Check out the already heavily discounted KeyMission products at the following links:

Nikon KeyMission at, B&Hphoto

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