Sony A7III Scores 96 at DXOMark

Sony A7III Scores 96 at DXOMark

Sony are onto another winner with the new A7III scoring an impressive 96 in DXOMark’s official test of the latest full frame mirrorless camera from the manufacturer. Sony’s steamroll over the mirrorless market seems to be never ending right now! Come on Canon and Nikon!!!

Sitting between the Sony a S and R models, the sensor in the  A7 was always a balance between resolution and sensitivity, but that’s no longer the case. On sensor performance alone, particularly with regard to low light / high ISO sensitivity, the Sony A7 III is ahead of the A7S II and comes very close to the overall image quality potential of the A7 RIII. What was once a showcase model for some interesting camera tech, the A7 III can now add cutting-edge low-light sensor performance to the mix. That may change when Sony releases the A7S III, but in the meantime, priced at around $2,000, it’s not asking for the earth in return.

The A7III looks like a real bargin right now so check it out at the following links:


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