Sony A7SIII to be Released in July 2018?

Sony A7SIII to be Released in July 2018? have an instructional book for the yet to be announced Sony A7S III listed with a release date of July 2018. The book, titled ‘Sony A7 III / A7S III: Für bessere Fotos von Anfang an!’ appears to be from a legitimate publishing house with a string of titles to their name. As it is unlikely that the book will be released prior to the cameras that make up the subject matter we can only assume that the next A7S, the last of the generation III A7 cameras, will be announced in July also.

Sony usually run a tight ship when it comes to this type of thing so it is interesting to see a potential leak occuring from outside their walls. Expect more info as we head towards summer, but Sony may still stay tight lipped on this one.